Friday, November 7, 2008


ME: Hey Tim! We did it?

TIM: And what's that?

ME: We elected a President. The people spoke and a clear winner emerged. No dirty tricks, no shenanigans, no controversy. A clear, undisputed winner.

TIM: Shenanigans?

ME: Fine. It's a quaint, rather antiquated word, but it has its place.

TIM: Yes. Congratulations are in order. Do you feel better? You were struggling quite a bit with your choice.

ME: I feel like a million bucks.

TIM: Too bad your clothing choices will never reflect that.

ME: Oh, your slams about my fashion sense, or lack thereof, can't even bother me right now. We're still riding the elation of election night. It was beautiful and unifying.

TIM: Can I assume you voted for Obama?

ME: Oh, no one knows who I voted for.

TIM: What? You didn't shout from the rooftops who you voted for?

ME: Nope! I cried all the way to the voting booth. Cried and prayed. I didn't know my choice until I stepped up to the machine.

TIM: You're kidding! You seemed so dead-on certain after our last conversation.

ME: I know, huh! But that was just the beginning of my "editing out the drama" and thinking about things. It was a decisive moment for me. It clarified a lot of things but it didn't "seal the deal". I really struggled.

TIM: So, right up until the time you got into the booth? Seriously?

ME: Yep! The way I saw it, I had four choices. McCain, Obama, Keyes and Nader.

TIM: Wow.

ME: Exactly. I stood there and stood there and stood there...and then I realized that, it was going to happen exactly like it was supposed to happen so pick the man and be done with it. So I picked. Then I finished voting and walked out. That afternoon I bought two celebratory pies and went home.

TIM: So no one knows who you voted for? Not even your husband?

ME: Right.

TIM: And you're suffering under the illusion that people care, aren't you?

ME: Absolutely.

TIM: I'm speechless.