Saturday, May 22, 2010


TIM: Nice.

ME: You likey?

TIM: Well, it's certainly bold. It could get costumey, but I'm really not getting that vibe right now.

ME: Oh good! It was kind of spur of the moment?

TIM: Really, Deborah? You obsess over your hair continually. You're constantly dragging your fingers through it and cursing it. Do you ever really do anything "spur of the moment" to your hair?

ME: Well, apparently not.

TIM: It's a good cut. It's quite different. A little "Adam Lambert-ish", but in a good way. It works with the shape of your face. It redirects attention toward your eyes and away from your lower face.

ME: Wait. What's wrong with my lower face?

TIM: It's getting lower.

ME: Wow. How long have you been sitting on THAT one?

TIM: I'm a patient person.

ME: This really might be my best opportunity to let my silver and white grow know, because it's so short.

TIM: Really! Because that worked so well for you before?

ME: I'll be in Ohio for most of the summer so my influences will be different. I'll be home. I can be myself. I can deconstruct and reconstruct!

TIM: Do you believe for one moment that your mother will sit by and watch while you age in front of her?

ME: Oh.

TIM: Buy your color there. It'll be cheaper.

ME: Got it.