Friday, October 16, 2009


TIM: Designers? Gather round please.

ME: Tim? It's just me.

TIM: I realize that. I just wanted to make you feel like you were a part of something. Did it work?

ME: Not so much. But thanks for the effort.

TIM: Well...that's what I'm here for.

ME: What's the deal? Am I appearing extra needy? Extra lonely? Extra something?

TIM: Well Deborah, you're always a little "extra" something, but that something is seldom good. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you know better than anyone that if I'M showing up, the "needy factor" is extra high. to me...

ME: Oh...yea...well...let's see. Actually, things are pretty good. I moved, which you probably know, right? And my new town is really nice. I live close to my youngest daughter and that's nice.

TIM: Yes, I've looked through her closet. Listen to her when she talks about fashion. Please.

ME: Got it.

TIM: No really. I mean it. Really LISTEN to her.

ME: I got it Tim. I hear you.

TIM: And the hair thing...listen to her about your hair...all twelve of them...


TIM: Carry on.

ME: School's going okay. As always, there are papers to write, and research to conduct. *sigh* I'm trying to fit into my new ward at church, but there's so many people and it's tough to remember names. You know, just moving stuff...I guess that's it...

TIM: Edit.

ME: What?

TIM: Edit, Deborah. You have all of these "issues" on your table. Handle each one. Get a feel for each one. Does one seem more problematic than another? Your school work, has that really changed from quarter to quarter or does that seem consistent? Your church. Same consistency, but new faces? Is that the challenge there? What's the really good part? Your daughter's proximity, which was quite lacking in your last location? Am I right about that?

ME: Well, yea! All of those things. School is school, no matter where I live. Church is really the same, it's more just learning the people's names and faces, and that's really a matter of time and patience. Living closer to my daughter is a real bonus, so that's a good thing.

TIM: can make this work, am I right? Hmmmm?

ME: Of course you're right. That's why you're here. Hey! Holla at cha girl!

TIM: Holla at your daughter's closet!

ME: Whatever.