Monday, August 2, 2010


ME: "Crack smoking judges"....HAHAHAHAHAH

TIM: Are you finished? Had enough?

ME: Sorry, Tim. It's just not that often I get to have a laugh because of something YOU'VE said.

TIM: Well...I explained it and I don't exactly apologize for it and by the way, a smoking crack pipe would account for most of the clothes in your closet so let's not travel down that road, agreed?

ME:'s still funny.

TIM: So! You're back from Ohio. Is sunny California as you left it?

ME: Let's see. My daughter is due to pop at any time with her 3rd child and my house smells like a kennel.

TIM: So everything is about as expected.

ME: Pretty much.

TIM: I noticed you came home with quite a bit of jewelry. And it's big. And colorful.

ME: I know, right! I can barely type with this stuff on my fingers and wrist. I love it!

TIM: Where do you plan on wearing it?


TIM: Edit, Deborah

ME: I thought this type of jewelry went from casual to after 5:00. That was my thought process.

TIM: YOUR thought process? The same thought process that allowed you to give birth four times in five years? Put your wedding ring on your "shopping list", next to "mop and broccoli" when you went to Walmart? That thought process?

ME: Well, when you put it that way...

TIM: Use your accessory wall thoughtfully. And by thoughtfully, I mean rarely, and not all at the same time. Those are big pieces. Okay...the bracelets you can double up on. But some of those rings-take it easy.

ME: Nice to be back Tim.

TIM: Put the pipe down...and it's nice to be heard.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


ME: Hey! I'm on my way, you know.

TIM: It's me. You should just stop now.

ME: Well, I'm trying to generate enthusiasm. You know, I've completed the Master's portion and I'm officially in the doctoral program. IN IT TO WIN IT!!!!

TIM: Again. It's me. You should just stop now.

ME: Really. You're right. I don't even feel excited. It's just another day isn't it? No big deal. I don't know why I'm not more "up" about this. It's an accomplishment.

TIM: Deborah, you're never "up" about anything. It's just your nature. Why should it be different for this? When you're genuinely enthusiastic about something, it shows. If you don't feel enthusiasm, don't sweat it. Why are you even concerned?

ME: Well, I get congratulated and people ask me what my plans are and if I'm excited and I have no answers for them. I can't work yet...I have more schooling...It just seems like I'm more in the middle of my journey than at the end, or even at a mile stone.

TIM: So...what do you need me for?

ME: I don't know. Don't you have something pithy to add to the conversation? Maybe about how I should dress the part? Fake-it-till-I-make-it kind of thing?

TIM: Are you questioning the road you've chosen?

ME: ?

TIM: You semi-heard me. Are you? Are you wondering if you're taking the correct path? If you should stop now or continue with your current trajectory, or even change to a different track?

ME: Well, I'm always looking at other "things" and how I can use what I know in other applications. Does that count?

TIM: Do you have to find a job tomorrow?

ME: No. I have awhile.

TIM: What on your immediate agenda?

ME: Going to Ohio to see my mother, kids, the whole shebang.

TIM: Are they going to demand these kinds of answers from you regarding your future?

ME: Oh no. We're just going to hang, eat, and laugh.

TIM: Exactly. What don't you just take that brain of yours out of overdrive and relax for a few weeks. We can revisit all of this in the fall when school starts again. Stop "trying" to feel emotions that you're not feeling. That's called being "authentic". Not unlike that crazy color of nail polish I've been all over you about. And don't get me started on the synthetic leopard print in your closet. Repeat after me, "There are no synthetic leopards".

ME: See you in Ohio....

Saturday, May 22, 2010


TIM: Nice.

ME: You likey?

TIM: Well, it's certainly bold. It could get costumey, but I'm really not getting that vibe right now.

ME: Oh good! It was kind of spur of the moment?

TIM: Really, Deborah? You obsess over your hair continually. You're constantly dragging your fingers through it and cursing it. Do you ever really do anything "spur of the moment" to your hair?

ME: Well, apparently not.

TIM: It's a good cut. It's quite different. A little "Adam Lambert-ish", but in a good way. It works with the shape of your face. It redirects attention toward your eyes and away from your lower face.

ME: Wait. What's wrong with my lower face?

TIM: It's getting lower.

ME: Wow. How long have you been sitting on THAT one?

TIM: I'm a patient person.

ME: This really might be my best opportunity to let my silver and white grow know, because it's so short.

TIM: Really! Because that worked so well for you before?

ME: I'll be in Ohio for most of the summer so my influences will be different. I'll be home. I can be myself. I can deconstruct and reconstruct!

TIM: Do you believe for one moment that your mother will sit by and watch while you age in front of her?

ME: Oh.

TIM: Buy your color there. It'll be cheaper.

ME: Got it.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


TIM: I know, it's been an entire year.

ME: What gave it away?

TIM: All of your Facebook statuses and blog reports saying that "It's been a year". You'll never be accused of being subtle.

ME: That's a long time, but it seems like it just happened.

TIM: Well, a lot HAS happened, don't you think? *chin down, eyebrows up*

ME: Oh daughter miraculously survived a hideous car accident because an 18-year-old fool was texting...

TIM: That was awful, just awful. She looks amazing, by the way.

ME: I KNOW! Broken neck, broken ribs, dozens of staples in her head...and then to find out she was pregnant at the time of the accident...yeesh...

TIM: Exactly. And I mean, SHE LOOKS AMAZING, I'm still waiting for YOUR excuse.

ME: I am SO not going there with you right now...

TIM: Fine. The other kids had big challenges this year as well, am I right?

ME: Oh yea! Our youngest son lost his job on the day he was supposed to sign for his first house. THAT was crazy. Then he rebounds, gets a job, loses that, gets ANOTHER job, finds a killer deal on a house and moves his adorable little wife and twins into it. Through it all, they never lost their faith, continued to pay their tithes, go to church, the whole nine yards. They're troopers.

TIM: Yes. And his wife is a stunner. She never threw in the towel. Kept that great All-American look of hers up.

ME: Oh yea. That's just the kind of person she is. Pretty inside, pretty outside. And then our older son had all kinds of health challenges. True, he makes odd choices, but even HE seems to be on board with the whole moving forward thing. He is more deeply in love with his wife...

TIM: Well who WOULDN'T be?

ME: Oh, I know! They are perfection together. And he's no walk in the park.

TIM: Well, the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree.

ME: ?

TIM: And you have another daughter. She's doing well?

ME: Yes. She may have made the biggest strides of all. She's at a healthy weight. She's in charge of her thoughts and reactions. She's making beautiful progress in good-decision-making.

TIM: And how are you?

ME: I'm going to be fine. I didn't think I could parent this group alone, but I don't believe I am alone. I feel that their dad is an even better parent now and in fact, more present in their lives than he was before he died. Our parenting partnership is more improved. I know there have been far fewer arguments since he died.

TIM: Only because you got the last word....

ME: Well! That's what he gets for going first.

TIM: Well played.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


TIM: Oh! For crying out loud, why are you sitting in the dark?

ME: I'm too lazy to get up.

TIM: You're lazy, true. But you know you have to turn the light on eventually. Are you hiding? Oh no. Did you color your hair yourself? Deborah...

ME: I couldn't do the gray thing. I said I would go completely gray and white, but I didn't do it.

TIM: Okay. Would you like to talk about it?

ME: Tim, if you're showing up, then apparently I need to work on it, right?

TIM: Well said. Here *flips on light* let's have a look. *scrunches up face* That's not TOO bad.

ME: Oh my gosh. I said that when my kids baked their first cake. They were 2 and 3.

TIM: I think "pastry" would be a good description of your hair right now.

ME: Tim...

TIM: I'm thinking, white cake, white icing, with some white piping along the edges. It would be almost elegant if it wasn't on you. You know, a "signature style". Are you ready to pull that off?

ME: Don't make me smile.

TIM: I was serious about the pastry. And now I'm hungry.

ME: I had every intention of growing out my hair. It was kind of gun metal gray, with some groovy white streaks and some lighter gray.

TIM: Oh! I know! I saw it.

ME: Yea, I suppose you did.

TIM: So then, why did you back down? You were very determined.

ME: I was at my daughter's house and she really appeared to be having a difficult time with it. I mean, the poor thing is pregnant, she recently broke her neck and her back, she has these kids, you know....a lot of stress.

TIM: So, your daughter made you do it?

ME: Well, not when you put it like that.

TIM: How would you put it?

ME: I would say it like this, "My daughter made me do it."

TIM: Uh huh.

ME: Ummmm...yea.... That doesn't make a lot of sense does it? I mean, when I say it like that. It sounds weak and it sounds like I'm shifting accountability for my decision to someone else. Ick. Self-realization and truth give me a headache.

TIM: Wow. Keep this up and one day someone will blog about Deborah Katz's Voice. Wait. Probably not.

ME: Hey. I can be wise.

TIM: Maybe someday...when you're old and gray.

ME: Nice....

TIM: Let's bake a cake!