Wednesday, May 5, 2010


TIM: I know, it's been an entire year.

ME: What gave it away?

TIM: All of your Facebook statuses and blog reports saying that "It's been a year". You'll never be accused of being subtle.

ME: That's a long time, but it seems like it just happened.

TIM: Well, a lot HAS happened, don't you think? *chin down, eyebrows up*

ME: Oh daughter miraculously survived a hideous car accident because an 18-year-old fool was texting...

TIM: That was awful, just awful. She looks amazing, by the way.

ME: I KNOW! Broken neck, broken ribs, dozens of staples in her head...and then to find out she was pregnant at the time of the accident...yeesh...

TIM: Exactly. And I mean, SHE LOOKS AMAZING, I'm still waiting for YOUR excuse.

ME: I am SO not going there with you right now...

TIM: Fine. The other kids had big challenges this year as well, am I right?

ME: Oh yea! Our youngest son lost his job on the day he was supposed to sign for his first house. THAT was crazy. Then he rebounds, gets a job, loses that, gets ANOTHER job, finds a killer deal on a house and moves his adorable little wife and twins into it. Through it all, they never lost their faith, continued to pay their tithes, go to church, the whole nine yards. They're troopers.

TIM: Yes. And his wife is a stunner. She never threw in the towel. Kept that great All-American look of hers up.

ME: Oh yea. That's just the kind of person she is. Pretty inside, pretty outside. And then our older son had all kinds of health challenges. True, he makes odd choices, but even HE seems to be on board with the whole moving forward thing. He is more deeply in love with his wife...

TIM: Well who WOULDN'T be?

ME: Oh, I know! They are perfection together. And he's no walk in the park.

TIM: Well, the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree.

ME: ?

TIM: And you have another daughter. She's doing well?

ME: Yes. She may have made the biggest strides of all. She's at a healthy weight. She's in charge of her thoughts and reactions. She's making beautiful progress in good-decision-making.

TIM: And how are you?

ME: I'm going to be fine. I didn't think I could parent this group alone, but I don't believe I am alone. I feel that their dad is an even better parent now and in fact, more present in their lives than he was before he died. Our parenting partnership is more improved. I know there have been far fewer arguments since he died.

TIM: Only because you got the last word....

ME: Well! That's what he gets for going first.

TIM: Well played.